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This promotion includes four (4) photos and one (1) video in the form of an Instagram reel. Additional promotion on other social media platforms is optional but welcomed. This promotion should not feature with other clothing brands in the post, unless your are paring other items or accessories. If all goes well in terms of promotion of our products, you may be requested to do further promotion in exchange for free garments. Timeline to complete promotion is (2) weeks after receiving our merchandise. 

By this agreement, you acknowledge that your pictures will be used as advertisement in the hopes of profitable gain. This means your photos are now in the public domain for others to see in hopes they purchase a garment from our company. By signing this agreement, you also acknowledge that you are obligated to the amount and type of promotion to the select social media platforms as mentioned above. If you were to break this agreement by not fulfilling your obligation, there is a possibility you will be banned from future ambassadorship of our business and become liable for the cost of garments and shipping cost.

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